Origin of Dog Fences

Dog fences are now scattered in different houses which have pets. This is a form of containment system where   in the owner of the dog limit the playing surface of their pet. Some people make fences either of the two different ways-the traditional and the electronic way of fencing. Most of them preferred the electric dog fence method. You might wonder how concept of the system starts. Where do this type of dog fence originates? Or if your looking for an in ground fence try reviews at this site.

Once upon a time, specifically in 1971, there was a salesman traveller. Through his journey, he happened to conceptualize what you have known today as cheap dog fence.  He was bothered witnessing a number of wandering dogs roaming around the roads. This made him think on how the owners of the dogs will be able to keep their pets inside their house or property. He also considers the cost and visualizes an unmistakable fence.

Through the idea plus working with an electrical engineer, he came up with the notion of utilizing the combination of boundary wires and receiver collar for keeping the dog in one place. He then patented his work in U.S and called it Stay-Put. But unfortunately, his product didn’t launch until he decided to sell it.

In 1976, his inventions have purchased and the purchaser changes its name to Invisible Fence. The patent given to the salesman traveller has expired in 1990’s. Because of it many new companies came into the picture and entered the same industry including the installers which is regional and independent. The competition on the providing an electronic dog fence increased surprisingly. Every company begin to produce different kits to provide their target customers with cheaper Invisible Fence. The product that had been conceptualized by a traveller, the Invisible, was bought and sold couples of time into various people. Today the corporation who dominates the industry owns it.

The way of protecting your dog or other pet and making dog owners happy creates the notion of establishment of containment industry. In current years, this method of providing boundaries to the dogs becomes extremely popular. Companies engaging on electronic pet fences such as the underground dog fence wire have become progressive through the help of professional resellers and distributors situated through the country. Under ground dog fence systems can be reviewed here.

Searching for the backgrounds or some information about this type of dog fence will empower your knowledge.  You will be guided on the particular aspect like how does it work. You will also be updated on the progress it made through the years.

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash.